Sassy Special (12 Red 2-Packs)

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Feelin' Sassy? Then our sassy red 2-pack special is for you! You get a dozen bright red two packs filled with our best handmade Happy Balls! Our classic Label is on one side and an assortment of 12 different ball jokes is on the other. Ideal for gift-giving. Some examples of our Sassy Sayings:

  • Take 2 balls and call me in the morning
  • The Best for the Best
  • Normally I'd give you my Heart but...
  • Happy Balls! the most fun you can have without laughing
  • Love me, Love my balls
  • BALLS ENCLOSED (About time, huh?)
  • Finally...Balls that are Worthy of you!
  • Now you have Happy Balls! (The rest of you is on it's own.)
  • Are you "Ball-worthy"?
  • I love you from the bottom of my...
  • "Balls!" said the queen, "If I were a King, I'd have two of them!"
  • Are your balls happy?  Here - take mine.
  • BALLS ENCLOSED ...not that you need any.