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The world's largest ball of twine made by one man is credited to Francis A. Johnson, son of Senator Magnus Johnson of Minnesota. He began in 1950 and 29 years later in 1979 it was completed. It weighs 8.7 tons, is 11 feet high, and measures about 40 feet around.

The world's largest rubber band ball was single handedly created by John Bain. It weighs 3,120+ pounds, is 5 feet high and 15.1 feet in circumference. It took Mr. Bain 5 years and 2 months to complete at a cost of approximately $25,000. It contains 850,000 rubber bands.

The world's largest ball of paint is owned by Mike Carmichael. It started out as a baseball dipped in paint by his son. Today the ball weighs 1,300+ pounds and consists of over 18,000 coats of paint.


The record for the most basketballs spun simultaneously is 28 by Michael Kettman of St. Augustine, Florida.

The record for the most Soccer-sized balls balanced on the head is 548, by John Evans at White Rose Shopping Centre, Leeds, West Yorkshire, U.K.

The record for the most bowling balls stacked vertically without the aid of adhesives is 10, by David Kremer of Waukesha, Wisconsin.

On October 4,1998,Don Athey of Bridgeport,Ohio stacked 9 golf balls vertically without the use of adhesives.

The world record for the most tennis balls held in the mouth by a dog at one time is 5 by Augie, a Golden Retriever owned by the Miller family of Dallas, Texas.


According to the International Federation of Competitive Eating, the world record for eating Matzo Balls is held by Eric Booker, who ate 21 baseball-size Matzo Balls in 5 minutes 25 seconds.

The record for meatball eating is held by Sonya Thomas, who ate 6 pounds of them in 12 minutes.

The world's largest popcorn ball weighs 3,100 pounds and was made by the good people of Sac City, Iowa.

And speaking of eatin' balls...



For the uninitiated, Happy Balls are the best homemade bourbon candy on the planet!

Imagine a Creamy bourbon buttercream center studded with chunks of "drunken" pecans. (Why are our nuts drunk? You'd be drunk too if you'd been swimming in 100 proof 9-year-old single-barrel bourbon for 24 hours!) Once the centers are hand-rolled and lightly chilled, they're hand-dipped in luscious semi-sweet chocolate and crowned with a whole pecan half. This little "bath" in warm chocolate makes the buttercream even creamier! Our balls are so happy after their bath that they occasionally shed a "tear" of bourbon syrup into their cups; an indication that there's plenty of happiness awaiting you inside.

 Sure, there are other bourbon balls out there, but you know what? Our balls are bigger! We also use only premium ingredients. (What's rice flour doing in one of our competitor's balls?) And we know that most people eat bourbon balls for the taste of bourbon. That's why there's no artificial bourbon flavor in Happy Balls... only pure 9-year-old single-barrel bourbon. As a child growing up in Kentucky I used to swim in Knob Creek. When it was time for my nuts to swim in a quality bourbon for 24 hours I chose Knob Creek for them too. For my money, it's the finest bourbon on the market.

 Check out our competition. In their boxes you'll find little bitty machine-stamped ovals of too-dry filling covered with not-quite-enough "chocolaty coating" . Ours are BALLS, by golly! Just like Aunt Happy used to make. And Happy Balls are made one at a time BY HAND. (I outta know; I'm the guy who makes them!) Sure, it's slower... but you can taste the difference! And no two balls are exactly alike. Each has its own unique "personality". Let the other guys keep their machinery...we decided to get REAL.

 Here is my pledge to you: I'm balling as fast as I can. I'll do my best to "keep up", but sometimes good things take a little longer. I work long hours because I want you to have the very best. Life is just too darn short to do it any other way!

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