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We're putting our balls on the line to preserve our one-of-a-kind Victorian Home.

We've done a lot to preserve the dear old girl, but now push is coming to shove and we need to replace 27 windows. Since it's a Landmark building we can't just go with vinyl replacement windows; we have to replace what was originally there, mostly by having an artisan rebuild each window one at a time. ( That's a lot of balls, folks!)

If anyone out there has any suggestions or knows of any funding sources please share them with us. Jane and I are both preservationists at heart and want this dear old Victorian standing strong and tall a hundred years after we're gone. Thus the Happy Ball business was born.

Thank you for your interest in our product and know that your purchase will serve to get us a little closer to our dream of a full, magnificent restoration of this 19th century masterpiece.

When in Louisville be sure to visit Old Louisville, the largest Victorian neighborhood in America.

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