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Get Happy Balls Factory Tour
About Get Happy Balls the Company

Imagine a cozy little candy kitchen tucked away on the third floor of a rambling Victorian house. ( This third floor originally served as the servant's quarters. ) The rooms all have sharply-angled ceilings due to the many gables and soffits along the roof line. Now imagine that this candy kitchen is completely decorated with Marilyn Monroe and James Dean memorabilia. ( We figured that if we were going ro make candy for a living, we might as well be surrounded by "eye-candy" at the same time.) Add to that a 42 inch HDTV and you've got a place where people can happily make candy for hours... and we do.

Coming soon to this site: a virtual wrap-around tour of the candy factory. We are quite proud of our Monroe and Dean collection and look forward to sharing it with you.

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