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All Balls on Deck!!!!

Since starting our business in March 2005, Jane and I have made and sold over 500,000 Happy Balls. (WHEW!) Demand keeps growing and we keep cranking them out for you. We are literally a Mom and Pop operation... Poppa Ron ( a real Kentucky Colonel ) hand-makes each and every ball while Momma Jane boxes the orders, does deliveries and handles all the business paperwork...

She is my Ginger Rogers... and you know what they say about her - Ginger Rogers did everything that Fred Astaire did - only backwards and in high heels!

But good things take a little longer. In fact, it takes a minimum of 56 hours and 2 minutes to make a Happy Ball! Three separate aging processes are utilized along with the finest Bourbon money can buy: Knob Creek 100 proof 9-year-old single barrel bourbon. The resulting candy is virtually peerless in the industry. Why would 2 semi-retired actors choose to work as many as 20 hours a day?

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